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16 Январь 2012

                                                 підручник А,Несвіт
Work in groups. Take turns to read an opinion, respond and add information.
1.If the children have no sisters or brothers, they are lonely in the family

  • If children don’t have sisters or brothers, then they will a bleak life full of pain and despair. Everyone
    knows that the loneliness, this the plague of the 21st century, suffers every
    second person in the world, and the figures continue to
    rise. Parents
    can never replace the child peers, for a monstrous wall of
    misunderstanding between generations erect negates any attempt to mutual
    dialogue. Therefore,
    you should always keep in mind that setting the stage for one child,
    the family dooms him to a painful death in loneliness, under the baseboard or
    grandmother’s carpet.

  • Why the children without sisters or brothers are lonely in the family? It’s simple. I can explain it by my story. Here it is. 
    I was 15 years old and I went to shit my dad all the time , as it were
    accidentally push spun around and kept asking what you’ve calmed down ,
    why did not you hear ?
    The first time I did not answer, so he began pounding on the door and yelling , what are you so silent , what’s wrong ? began
    to swear and say that in general remove the door from its hinges , also
    , Dad swore if I shit and do not wash off , and not just in the end crappy
    , but directly after shitting poop , motivated by the fact that it
    stinks , and he then said to me :
    so I shitlet and wash off , and you do so ! One
    day I sat down to shit , and I hear , Dad stood at the door somewhere
    in the distance , so I wiped my ass , and sat down on the floor
    on karachkas , and then the gap is very wide at the bottom of the door ,
    so I ‘m looking into the slot, and there Dad on karachkas
    sits and stares into the slot , and said to me: you’re human ? fucker ? Th are you doing there ? Dad
    by the way all the time, some herbs drinks to often to shit , shit on 5
    times a day, and then says that the ass is burning , and he even farts .
    fucking short !
    the real story . I do not troll

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