по англ яз правильно поставить слова по порядкеalways/ on/ basketball/ i/ play/ saturdays/wake up/ never/ late/ weusually/ don t/

2 Февраль 2012

помогите по англ яз 
надо правильно поставить слова по порядке
1.always/ on/ basketball/ i/ play/ saturdays/

2.wake up/ never/ late/ we

3.usually/ don t/ i/ sleep late/
4.goes/ sometimes/ park/ He/ the/ to/ afternoon/ the/ in/


  • Always I play on basketball on Saturdays.
    Never we late wake up.
    Usually I don’t sleep late
    He goes to the park sometimes the afternoon.
  • I always play basketball on Saturdays.
    We never wake up late.
    I usually don’t sleep late.
    He goes sometimes to the park in the afternoon.

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