решить 5 задания

4 Февраль 2012

Помогите пожалуйста решить 5 задания…

  • 1/ Тhese cups are dirty
    2 those buscuits are tasty
    3 These hotels are very expensive
    4 There are playgrounds in the parks
    5 Those are new supermarkets in our town
    6 these are delicious lemon pies for dessert
    7 these are nice dresses for my daughter
    8 these men are engineers
    9 those women are my sisters
    10 these sons are my children
    11 those geese are big
    12 those mice are white
    13 these men are doctors
    14 those women are my cousins
    15  those girls are my nieces
    16  those girls have blue sweaters
    17 those boys have good coats
    18 there are tables in the room
    19 there are flowers in the vase

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