Сочинение про котенка на англииском языке

8 Февраль 2012

сочинение про котенка на англииском языке

  • Once upon a time there was a little kitten. It was very funny and kind. Its hair was very soft. And its eyes was very baeutiful.
    One day when kitten sitting near the big tree it heard someone crying. It ran there. And it saw a little boy. He was crying when the kitten came to him.
    “- What happened?” – asked the kitten
    “-I`m lost.” – said the boy.
    “-I’ll help you” 
    Boy stopped crying and looked at the kitten. Kitten brought the boy to his home. Then the boy and kitten become friends. And then the kitten began to live in the house with a boy.
  • тебе надо описание или рассказ?

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