Вставьте this/these, that/those Do you see . bird over there? It's a crane. Mike isn't coming home at Christmas. year. The lyrics in pop son

22 Январь 2012

Вставьте this/these, that/those

1.Do you see … bird over there? It’s a crane.
2.Mike isn’t coming home at Christmas… year.3.The lyrics in pop songs sometimes have less rhythm than « poetry and the words and ideas in songs are usually easier to I understand than… in ‘serious’ poetry.4.In the future, cities are going to be more pleasant places live in. … change is starting to happen today.5…. is the first time I’ve done… tour, so I’m a bit nervous.6.We won’t be in town… weekend. We are going camping.7.Look at… ads, Jane. Why don’t you apply for the care assistant’s Job?8.There  tours arc suitable for… who are not keen on long journeys.9 Where’s Susan? She promised to be here at six sharp. Oh, there she is….her in the blue dress.10. We should give priority to… in need.11.Here we arc at last. Look at… beach! It has never been cleaned!12,They have shown that unemployed people can change not jus*’ I heir lives, but… of others.13. … is the first time I’ve had a job which I feel is worth doing.14.The assistant said she would finish typing the report… day.15,Is… a microwave over there? When did you buy it?16.It’s always unbearably hot at… time of the year.17. Allan has worked overtime for the last three months…. is how he has managed to save some money.18.Tim  hurt his leg and wasn’t able to play In the football match.He  was  very upset about….

  • 1. That
    2. This
    3. Those
    4. This
    5. This, That
    6. This
    7. These
    8. Those
    9. [Будет This, хотя само предложение написано неверно. Перепроверьте].
    10. These
    11. This
    12. Those
    13. This
    14. That
    15. That
    16. This
    17. This
    18. That. 

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