13. Раскроите скобки, употребляя нужное по смыслу время.1. When you to come to see us? – I to come tomorrow if I not to be busy. 2. I not to like appl

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13. Раскроите скобки, употребляя нужное по смыслу время.

1. When you (to come) to see us? – I (to come) tomorrow if I (not to be) busy. 2. I (not to like) apples. 3. I (to ring) you up as soon as 1 (to come) home tomorrow. 4. I (to show) you my work if you (to want). 5. Pete certainly (to help) you with your English if you (to ask) him. 6. This little boy never (to see) a crocodile. 7. (To send) this cable, please. 8. Let’s go for a walk. The rain (to stop) and the sun (to shine) now. 9. Yesterday my mother (to help) me with my homework. 10.1 always (to get) up at 8 o’clock, but tomorrow I (to get) up a little later, because it (to be) Sunday. 11. What you (to read) now? 12. As soon as you (to see) your friend, tell him that I (to want) to see him. 13. Mike (to eat) ice-cream every day. Look, he (to eat) ice-cream now. 14. When I (to see) him in the morning, he (to eat) ice-cream, too. 15. He (to say) he (to eat) one ice-cream already by that time. 16. I think he (to fall) ill if he (to eat) so much ice-ream. 17. When I (to come) to the station yesterday, I (to understand) that my train already (to leave). 18. What he (to do) when you (to see) him yesterday? 19. I (to give) you this book as soon as I (to finish) reading it. 20. When the ship (to cross) the ocean, a great storm (to break) out.

  • 1 come, I will come, I am not busy. 2 i do not like apples. 3

     i will ring you up as soon as I come home tomorrow. 4 I will show you my work if you want. 5. will help, want. 6. seen. 7. send. 8. stoped, shines. 9. helped. 10. get, got, was. 11.  reading. 12. see, want. 13. eats. 14. saw,  was eating. 15. said, had eatten. 16. wiil feel, eats. 17. came understood,  left. 18. was doing, saw. 19.  will give, finish. 20. crossed, breaks


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