Ask question with yhe words in brackets.1.The telephone is ringing now. What2.My little sisters are putting their toys into the box now. What, Where3.Bab

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Ask question with yhe word(s) in brackets.

1.The telephone is ringing now.(What)

2.My little sisters are putting their toys into the box now.(What,Where)

3.Bab is standing under a tree now (What,Where)

4.My parents are gathering muchrooms in the wood now.(what)

5.Dave is buying an ice-cream in the shop now.(What,Where)

6.My Granny and I are making jam in the kitchen now.(What,Where)

7.I am opening the window now.(What)

8.Mother is cooking fish-soup in the kitchen now.(Where,What)

9.The pupils are writing a dictation now.(What)


    1.what is ringing now?

    2.what are puttings your little sisters now into the box? where are your little sisters putting their toys?

    3.where is standing Bab?what under is standing Bab?

    4.what are gathering your parents in the wood now?



     5.what is buying Dave in the shop now?

    where is Dave buying an ice-cream now?

    6.What are you and your Granny making in the kitchen now?where are you and your Granny making jam?

    7.What are you opening now?

    8.what is cooking mother in the kitchen now?

    where is mother cooking fish-soup?

    9.what are writting the pupils?




















  • 1.What is ringing now?

    2.What are my sisters putting into the box now? Where are my sisters putting their toys now?

    3.What is standing under a tree now? Where is Bab standing now?

    4.What are my parents gathering in the wood now?

    5.What is Dave buying in the shop now? Where is Dave buying an ice cream now?

    6.What are my Granny and I making in the kitchen now? Where are we making jam now?

    7.What am I opening now?

    8.Where is my mother cooking fish-soup now? What is my mother cooking in the kitchen now?

    9.What are the pupils writing now?


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