Диалог на тему " как я провела лето"

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диалог на тему ” как я провела лето”

  • -Hi!


    - How are you?

    - I am fine. And
    you? How did you spend your holiday?

    -I am fine too. I
    spent my summer holiday very well.

    -Were you at home
    or did you go anywhere?

    - I visited  the Azove seaside with my relatives.

    -Did you like it?

    -Yes! I liked
    there. All day I was lying in the sun swimming in the sea  and getting a wonderful tan. The water was
    very warm. There were a lot of different kinds of entertainment there:
    “water mountains”, water scooters and discos. What about you? How did
    you spend your holiday?

    - I spent my holiday in Crimea. It was a great
    time. We swimmed, walked by seaside, and visited many sights. We had an excursion
    to the Valley of the Ghosts, which is situated near Alushta. My holidays were
    exciting and full of joy. I think that Crimea is a real paradise on earth.

    During my summer holidays I made many new friends,
    read a lot of interesting books, got to know a lot of useful things. Now I feel
    ready to get back to school. I am happy to meet you!

    -I am very glad to
    see you too!


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