-I know Mary. She always _________________________to school. acomes bis coming cis going to come-Yes. I'm sure she ___________________________

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-I know Mary.She always _________________________to school.

a)comes      b)is coming       c)is going to come

-Yes.I’m sure she _______________________________today.

a)is late            b)is going to be late      c)late

-My little sister usually ________________________early.

a)get up   b) gets up     c)is getting up

-Really? _______________she_____________________to school?

a)does/go    b)is/going         c)does/goes

-No,she ___________________,but she ________________mornings.

a)isn’t / is liking     b)isn’t / likes    c)doesn’t / likes

–Сan you ________________the piano?

a)plays b)playing c)play

-No,I ____________,but I_________________the guitar.

a)can/can’t        b)don’t/do       c)can’t/can

-This is a very nice house.It’s ________________building in our town.

a)the beautifullest    b)the most  beautiful    c)  the beautiful

- ___________________you ______________in architecture.

a)do/interest    b)are/interested   c)is/interesting

-Yes,I _______________. I want to be an architect.

a)do   b)like    c)am

-I ___________________ a secret .Do you want to know it?

a)have got    b)has got    c)is got

-No,you _____________ tell me.It’s a secret!

a)must   b)needn’t    c)mustn’t

-But I_____________________ to tell you.It’s my secret.

a)want   b)am wanting   c)wants


















  • 1)a. 2)b. 3)b. 4)b. 5)b. 6)c. 7)c. 8)b. 9)b. 10)c. 11)a. 12)c. 13)a


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