Напишите письмо анжеле расскажите ей о ваших личных проблемах

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Напишите письмо анжеле расскажите ей о ваших личных проблемах

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        Dear  Angel,

       Thanks for your letter. Sorry, I haven`t written for so long. 

       You asked me about my personal problems. So, I`ll tell you, lets pretend that you are my psychologist. My first problem is unhappy love. I fell in love with a boy last automn. He seemed brave, honest, smart, intelligent, He wore stylish clothes. We read the same books and watched the same films and listen to the same music. But he was so cold. It is feature of his character. And i kissed him, because I hoped that a kiss would melt his heart. I was wrong. In short, now I`m lonely girl with a broken heart. And I don`t know what to do.

       My second problem is my family. I want to live alone, but it is not possible rite now. They don`t whant listen to me, they don`t whant understand me, I know, I`m not the best kid in the universe, but I`m trying to be nice. I really am. 

      Frankly saying, I want to believe that there is no such problems that we are can`t solve. And some day everything will be okay. 


      I have to go now. I have to do my homework. Write back,





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