Нужен топик Промышленное развитие Великобритании

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нужен топик Промышленное развитие Великобритании

  • Industry of Great Britain provides one third of the gross national product, accounting for one third of all employees. It uses mainly imported raw materials, and increasingly focused on the external market. On the one hand, the Great Britain is characterized by the rapid growth of modern industries that use advanced technology of production and organization of work, the latest equipment and advanced management methods, on the other – the backlog of old traditional industries.

    The main part of Great Britain industry is concentrated in the densely populated industrial zone, which includes the county from London to Lancashire and from West Yorkshire to Gloucestershire. Major industrial areas outside this zone – South Wales, north-east of England and the central part of Scotland.

    In areas where the old manufacturing and developing traditional industries are lagging or depressed. It’s a big part of Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales nearly all, the extreme north-east and south-west part of England.

    The British government is seeking to implement regional policies, on the one hand, for a containment concentration of population and industry in over sprawling conurbations, and the other – to promote the recovery of old industrial areas with a high proportion of traditional industries experiencing decline. To attract industry to lagging areas of state-owned firms provided loans to entrepreneurs, favorable lease terms of industrial buildings, taxes

    .The main branch of the UK Mining – coal mining. It is already three centuries. In terms of reserves of coal UK is the third largest in Europe. On the territory of the country – six major coal basins, which played an important role in the formation of the territorial structure of the economy.



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