Нужно сочинение о летнем отдохе на англисском

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нужно сочинение о летнем отдохе на англисском

  • The summer flew by quickly, but left many impressions. In July I was lucky to go to Primorye. Having arrived there I at once I noticed majestic beauty of trees, magnificent singing of birds, chirring of insects. The wood there as if breathed and the coniferous smell was felt with each breath. So it would be desirable to take a cloth and a brush in hand, to draw this magnificence of the nature. As it is pleasant to footpath to go on coiling as a ribbon and forgetting about everything, to be dissolved in mysterious beauty of the wood. I will hide these memoirs deeply in heart to inform them till next summer, and can be to keep for the rest of life.
    The first days I swam in the sea and enjoyed clean air. I went to gather mushrooms, rode tremendous attractions, I spent time with the relatives, we had fun, sang songs, danced, was cheerful, my vacation will be remembered to me on long


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