Перевидите пожалуйста

1 Январь 0001

Перевидите пожалуйста

  • 1 This is my car

    2 These are my keys

    3 These watches are cheap

    4 Th?s pa?nt?ng ?s expens?ve

    5 Ann’s father’s name is John

    6 Is he from Russia?

    7 Are you an Englishman?

    8 Are you on vacation?

    9 Is this your number?

    10 What’s your job?

    11 We are friends w?th Kate

    12 My favourite colour is green

    13 They were/are late

    14 are you married?

    15 Where are my children?

    16 the shops are open today

    17 it is warm in the room

    18 my son is a doctor

    19 What colour are her eyes?

    20 This computer is very expensive

  • 1) This is my car.

    2) These are my keys.

    3) These watch are cheap.

    4) Th?s picture ?s expens?ve.

    5) Ann’s father’s name is John.

    6) Is he from Russia?

    7) Are you an Englishman?

    8) Are you on vacation?

    9) Is this your number?

    10) What’s your job?

    11) We are friends w?th Kate.

    12) My favourite colour is green.

    13) They were или are late (непонятно время)

    14) Аre you married?

    15) Where are my children?

    16) The shops are opened today.

    17) It is warm in the room.

    18) My son is a doctor.

    19) What colour are her eyes?

    20) This computer is very expensive.



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