Помогите составить 10 предложение на тему "счастье"

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Помогите составить 10 предложение на тему “счастье”)

  • Many people in my age begin thinking of what happiness is. Philosophers and writers, poets and scientists – every outstanding person had his own view. But what is happiness personally for me?

    First of all, it is being physically and mentally healthy. That is why I do sports and read a lot. My family is one more important aspect of my personal happiness. I want all members of my family to live a long life. I also can’t imagine a happy life without friendship. My friends are people who I spend most of my time with. They are with me not only when everything is fine, but also when I have troubles.

    Finally, one day I want to make the world a little better. And with all of this I will be the happiest person ever!


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