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поможіть написати текст на тему My area

  • I love my home and especially my room. It is spacious and light and very comfortable.

    Large table with lots of different boxes and departments in which there is everything you need me, textbooks, stationery, photo album. Behind the desk – do my homework. I try to always look neat. At the table – a chair.

    In the left corner of the room is a bookcase, shelf space is neatly stacked books. We have a good library, which contains the most interesting works: fiction, detective stories, adventure and classic literature. Among these books, a lot of my favorites, I have re-read many times before.

    On the right, near the wall, is a wardrobe. On the contrary – a sofa-bed, the laid bluish-white veil embroidered with its dark blue flowers.

    On the walls of a variety of posters, calendars.


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