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 Нужно составить небольшой текст на английском языке, опираясь на предоставленные вопросы, которые даны в этих карточках (что во влажениях)

  • Traveling

    People are fond of traveling. They spend their holidays traveling. They travel to see other countries and continents, to learn a lot about people’s traditions, to enjoy picturesque places. It is interesting for them to discover new things, different ways of life, to meet different people, to taste different food. Those who live in the country like to find themselves in large cities with their shops, cinemas, crowds of people. City-dwellers usually like a quiet holiday by the sea or in the mountains with nothing to do but walking and bathing, lazying in the sun. Most travelers and holiday makers take a camera with them and take pictures of everything that interests them – beautiful views of waterfalls, forests, unusual plants and animals. These photos will remind them of the happy time of holiday. There are many ways of traveling – by train, by plain, by ship, on foot. Everyone chooses his favourite one. My favourite way is traveling by plain. And not because it is very comfortable. It is exciting. I also like traveling by train. I’ve traveled this way a lot. When you are in the train you can see the beauty of nature.I envy the tourists because I think that they study geography traveling and visiting different parts of the world. They can tell you many things which you didn’t know before.
    They are interesting people from whom you can learn a lot of new for yourself. Any kind of travel helps you to understand many things that you can never see or learn at home. Though you may read about them in books and newspapers.


    Sport is very important in our life. It is popular among people of all ages because it helps them to keep fit. Many people who go in for sports have a lot of advantages in comparison with those who don’t like sport. First of all, all sportsmen become healthy and strong, sport helps them to keep fit, not to catch a cold. Other people like sport too, they only watch sports game on TV and listen to the sports news. They prefer reading interesting stories about sportsmen but they do not go in for sports. There are some popular kinds of sport in our country: football, hockey, gymnastics and figure skating. Figure–skating and gymnastic competitions are attended by thousands of spectators in our country. Our country has achieved brilliant results in these kinds of sport. It is no wonder that there is a great number of football, ice–hockey and figure –skating fans in our country. I don’t like hockey because this game is very boring for me.In our school we have got physical education lessons thrice a week. Boys and girls play volleyball and basketball at the lessons, sometimes climb a rope. Unfortunately, we go in for sports in the gymnasium not in the open air. All these events play an important role in our physical development.Sometimes it is very difficult to find time for going in for sports regularly. It is too difficult especially if you study at school or university. Besides, I must confess that it is very difficult to go in for sports nowadays, because almost all sport clubs are not free of charge, and the equipment is very expensive. So, it is difficult for most boys and girls to go in for sports.In my opinion sport is important for health but professional sport does harm to health and our nerves. Sport also makes people strong and brings a lot of joy. Sport is a good mean of coping with with stress.



    There are only 6 public holidays in Great Britain. Those are days on which people need not go into work. These days are: Christmas Day, Boxing day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Spring Bank Holiday and Late Summer Bank Holiday. All public holidays, except Christmas day and Boxing day observed on December 25th and 26th respectively are movable, that is they don’t fall on the same day each year.

    There are many national holidays in Russia. The major holidays are: New Year’s Day, Women’s Day, May Day, Victory Day and Independence Day.

    The first holiday of the year is New Year’s Day. There are lots of New Year traditions in Russia. In every home there is a New Year tree glittering with colourful lights and decorations. Children always wait for Father Frost to come and give them a present. Many people consider New Year’s Day to be a family holiday. But the young prefer to have New Year parties of their own.On the 8th of March we celebrate Women’s Day when men are supposed to do everything about the house and cook all the meals.We also celebrate Day of the Defender of Motherland on the 23d of February, Easter, Day of knowledge and lots of professional holidays.One of my favorite holidays is The Victory Day. It is the most memorable date in our country. This holiday is celebrated on the 9th of May to commemorate the Victory of the Russian troops over the Nazi invaders. Love for freedom has been a national character of the Russian people. No enemy has been able to conquer our country. When Russia was attacked by the German army on the 22nd of June, the Russian people one and all, rose up in defence of their Motherland. We must never forget this holiday because it is our history. I like this holiday very much.


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