Пожалуйста помогите написать реферат страницы на 2-3 с английской на тему спорт

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пожалуйста  помогите написать реферат страницы на 2-3 с английской на тему спорт

  • Sports And Healthy Lifestyle

    What role does sport play in your life?

    -Although I do not go in for sports, I am fond of activities that allow me to keep fit at home. I start with running then I take exercise programmes.

    Do your friends go in for sports?

    Some of them go in for sports and sports activities such as swimming, skiing, playing badminton, ice hockey, football or basketball. Unfortunately, public sports facilities are not always available to my friends, and they are engaged into outdoor activities. Most of them prefer running. They put on white ‘trainer’ shoes and tracksuits and run through the parks or along the streets for half an hour a day.

    Do secondary schools officials pay attention to sports?

    Russian schools use sports activities as a way of teaching social values. Among these are teamwork and sportsmanship. The average secondary school offers its pupils such sports as football, basketball, track-and-field. Being intelligent and being good in sports are regarded as an ideal.

    Do you often attend a swimming pool?

    I enjoy swimming. So, twice a week I go to the swimming pool in autumn, winter and spring. In summer I swim in the lakes and rivers. But most of all I like to swim in the Black sea.

    Is the healthy life-style popular in Russia?

    Yes, certainly. Today everybody wants to be fit, feel good, look slim and stay young. Everyone who wants can participate in sports activities in our country. Many fitness clubs and public leisure centres have been built during the past years. These modem centres with their swimming pools, squash courts, gym and indoor courts for tennis are competing with cinemas and theatres as places for people to go to spend their leisure time. There one can find a leisure pool with a wave machine, water slides and tropical plants. Families can spend their holidays at huge indoor water parks. In such pools people in the main splash but not swim.

    What do you know about sports in foreign countries?

    Nowadays sports and activities are fashionable in Europe and America. For example, popular marathons are now held everywhere. Lots of people want to see if they can run 42 kms and do it faster than everyone else. The big city marathons, in London and New York, are important sporting events. Television cameras and newspapers report them in detail. According to the latestpublic polls the most popular sports in Europe and America are walking, cycling, jogging, and playing football and golf. Other popular sports are bowling, badminton, and tennis. Experts are asking a very important question: should sports be taken seriously or should it be just for fun?

    What do you think about it?

    I think, it depends upon the people’s choice. Some people want to go in for sports seriously; others consider it to be a way to keep fit.

    What sports are British fond of!

    Sports play an important part in the life of the English people. All sports are very popular among them. The national British sports are: football, golf, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, snooker, steeplechase, racing, darts. The British are fond of football which is of two kinds there: association football (soccer) and rugby. Englishmen like all kinds of racing. Horse-racing, motorcar racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing are very popular in England.

    What sports are popular in American!

    Such sports as hockey, soccer, weightlifting, track and field, tennis, rowing, wrestling, golf, basketball, volleyball, boxing, figure-skating, cross-country skiing, swimming, judo and shooting are popular in the USA. The variety and size of the country, its different climates and the people’s love of competitions of any type can explain the large choice of sports in America. The most recent unusual sport that first reached popularity in the USA is triathlon. It includes swimming, bicycle racing and long-distance running and is becoming more and more popular in Europe.

    What do you know about the Olympic Games?


  • My favorite sports and my favorite sportsmen

    I like sport. I like tennis, swimming, figure skating, football, valley-ball. But my favorite sport is soccer. I buy the sports magazines and newspapers, for example: “Sport Exspress”, or “World soccer”. I like football in our country, because i live in Russia, but Italian series A I like more. I think that this game is very strict and thick. There are many popular football-players, for example: Paolo Maldini, Pirlo – they are playing in Milan; Konovaro is playing in Parma; Nesto is playing in Lazio; Baggio is playing in Breshia; Totti, Toldo, Ronaldo, Vieri are playing in Inter. My favorite football-player is Ronaldo. Many people don’t like him, but I do. He was born in Rio (Brazil). He hadn’t any money, but he wanted to play football. When he was sixteen he started playing in “Gruzeiro”, then he went to the World Cup in USA. Then he played in “Barcelona”, then he went to Milan in “Inter”. He was the best football-player in Europe. He is very rich now. He has a very beautiful wife and son. All people call him Fonomenon. I wish him good luck in World Cup 2002! The most important sport event of this year is the World football championship which is held in Japan and South Korea. I’m a great football fan so I’m really upset that our teem lost the match against Belgium and Italian teem lost the match against Korea. And left the competition I agree with Onopko’s words: “I still thought we could get the draw, and when Dmitri Sychev scored I believed it would happen. I really thought we would equalise.” And I think that D. Sychev is hope our football: Only 18 years of age, Sychov already has eight goals to his name in the Russian Premier League. He has appeared in 12 games for Spartak Moscow. Though a regular on the under-18 national team, Sychov has three appearances and a goal under his belt for the full Russia squad. Also My favorite Russian football-player is Valery Karpin. Valeri Karpin is one of Russia’s highest profile players. The midfielder was a star at Spartak Moscow in the early 1990s when the club won three league titles and two Cups of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Karpin moved to Spain and played for Real Sociedad and Valencia CF before settling at Celta de Vigo. He made his debut in the Russia squad in 1992 and scored a goal in his first match from the penalty spot against Mexico. He was part of the Russian team at the 1994 FIFA World Cup™. Now, I’m supporting the Brazilian teem, because I’m convinced that they will be champions. Well, I like tennis. I’m a fan of Marat Safin and Dimentieva. I like hochey so much. I like to watch NHL games on TV. I like figure-skating. I like special Marina Anisina and Gvendal Pesera, evgeny Plushenko and Alexei Yagudin. I like Irina Slutskaya so much. All of them are very beautiful and talented sportsmen. I like them! Sports are very important in our life – in my life. So we have all grounds to say that sport is one of the things that makes people kin.


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