Раскрыть скобки в нужной форме: помогите пожалуйста:Оn holidays banks offices and school to close. Thanksgiving day to observe foralmost 400 years. Th

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Раскрыть скобки в нужной форме:) помогите пожалуйста:)
Оn holidays banks offices and school ( to close).
Thanksgiving day ( to observe) foralmost 400 years.
The first Thanksgiving( to celebrate) in 1621.
For forty yers a womannamed sarah hale (to write) to each president asking for a holiday of Thanksgiving.
At last Thanksgiving ( to declare) a holiday by president by President Lindon in 1863
Sinse that time it( to celebrate) on the fourth Thursday in november allthough thecountry.
Parades hand concerts baseball games and different contents (to hold) on this day for many years.
Thanksgiving (to call) “turkey day”because dinner with a hyge tyrkey is the main event of the day /
Independence ( to sign) .
since that time Independence day( to celebrate) with fireworks and picnics in the parks.

  • 1.are closed
    3.was celebrated
    4.has been writing
    5. was declared
    6.has been celebrated
    7.to hold
    8.is called
    9.has been signed

    Насчёт 7-го не уверенна, но, должно быть, как-то так. 


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