Сочинение на тему Бостон

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сочинение на тему Бостон.

  • Boston was founded 17 September 1630 by Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts colony. After a few years in the settlement of them were opened America’s first English-language school and the first college – Harvard. Until the middle of XVIII century, Boston was the largest city of the British America, but then lost the title to New York.
    In the 1770s, the British sought to strengthen control over the 13th colony, through increased taxation, but after events like “Boston Tea Party”, the country began a war for independence. Massachusetts colonists disguised as Indians, 16 December 1773 entered the merchant ships with a cargo of tea into Boston Harbor and threw him overboard. The British government responded with repression of Massachusetts. After the war, the city has become one of the world’s largest commercial ports. Hence it took them to export rum, fish, salt, and tobacco. And the descendants of old Boston families became the economic elite of the country. The War of 1812 is somewhat limited foreign trade activities of the city. However, merchants have found an alternative for their investments in this period – industrial production. Shortly Boston is also the largest national center for leather and apparel industry. During the events associated with the abolition of slavery, Boston became a center of the movement.


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