Сочинение на тему ВЫМЫШЛЕННЫЙ ГОРОД на Английском

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сочинение на тему ВЫМЫШЛЕННЫЙ ГОРОД на Английском 

  • Fictional town


    Many years will pass, the whole mankind not having stopped the wars and the struggle for it’s own survival, will be destroyed by everything they’ve been making all the time they were living on the Earth. Except a little group of people who managed to survive and began their living in new-built small town on the edge of the planet. The name of this town is Utopia.


    Being very happy of the fact that they have stayed alive and also too much sad that one will have to start something new and unknown, everybody were doubting. And the latter thing terrified enough to make almost all the people be afraid of responsibility. But there was a man wise enough to lead the people forward, through all the difficulties they’ve met on their way to a new age. Not knowing what was waiting for them next, people believing in their ability to change everything they want, were working hard helping each other and making a great progress in building the town. 


    Now it’s the most popular and interesting town on the whole planet, for it’s amazing buildings flying in the air and great works of art of all kinds which remeber us about their living. From history it’s known that the place was populated for more than three centuries. The native inhabitants made their dream to become true by building this awesome town. Since that time Utopia is known as the symbol of human’s will and possibilities. 


    Немного отошел от темы, хотя повествование все-таки идет о вымышленном городе. Ведь не совсем обязательно, чтобы в нем летали коровы и плавали птицы, да?)







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