Сочинение по теме :преимущества и недостатки использования телевизора.8-10 предложений

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Сочинение по теме :преимущества и недостатки использования телевизора.8-10 предложений

  • The advantage of watching TV is a simple way to relax. You watch TV when you are tired and it helps to forget your problems. It also tells us what is happening in the world. It is a great way of spending free time. There are a lot of channels and you can see everything  you want – films, news, sport, games, shows and so on, 

    But watching TV is a passive activity. You lie on the sofa and do nothing. TV is a bad influence on people. Especially on children and teenagers when parents don’t pay attention what are they watching. We talk less. We are as a zombie – TV zombie. 

    Instead of TV you can go to the museum. listen to the radio, read newspaper. 

    As for me I like watching TV. I like watching films. Especially I like detective and action films. But I try to watch TV not very often.

  • Watching TV has both advantages and disadvantages.

    TV helps us to relax. When we have nothing to do, we can watch entertaining programmes and amuse ourselves or watch scientific programmes and get to know useful pieces of knowledge. Due to TV we learn news and some interesting facts. TV can also be a good topic for discussion for friends.

    But TV is harmful for our eyesight. Moreover, it makes us lazy and distracts us from work. And there’re lots of harmful,filthy or just useless,silly programmes.

    We should watch TV,but not much. Moreover,we should choose only good programmes.


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