Срочно помогите надо написать сочинение про June Week!!!!!15-20 предложений!!За ранее спасибо

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Срочно помогите надо написать сочинение про June Week!!!!!
15-20 предложений!!
За ранее спасибо) 

  •                                                                       June Week


    Already a month is over the school, lessons, exams and my torment. A few days ago I returned from the Black Sea. I was with my sister Catherine. We enjoyed the sea, sunbathing and beautiful Crimean mountains. Besides, we went on trips. We visited Chersonesos, Swallow’s Nest, Livadia Palace and other scenic spots. It is a pity that the parents did not go with me. But I took a lot of pictures and bought souvenirs. Soon, I‘ll go  to the sea again. I’m going to camp “Pearl.” I’ve been there 2 times. There are clean sand and water, delicious food in the canteen, fun events and, most importantly, I will find new friends there. I have a gorgeous summer, I will always have something to remember!


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