Write an essay 120 clovwhat would you do if you were a millioneruse 2nd condition

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write an essay 120 clov
what would you do if you were a millioner
use 2nd condition

  • If i were a millioner, i would do five things. Thirtly, i would buy a house in Spain with overlooking the mountains, with big swimming pool, beautiful bedroom . Secondly, i would give part of money to my family in order to my family wouldn`t need a money. thirdly, i would buy some football club, for example, chelsea and some good players for club. Fourthly, i would finance some my project, which in the future would become part of the world, for example, apple or windows. And the last thing what would i do, i would donate to an orphan. But i think, this money would change me. i like my life and dont want to change something.


    120 слов =)


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