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A Role of Art in a Harmonic Developmentof a Person.

Art plays an important role in upbringing our emotions, tastes and feelings.It changes our views and outlook and mood, enriches our inner world and cultivate love for people and nature. Great works of art enable man to look at the world as if through a magnifying glass.They bring into focus all that is most impoitant and significant. They allow him to glimpse that spiritual exaltation from which a work of art is born.

While visiting art museums we make a journey through the centuries, acquainting us with the works of the greatest painters. Their art is distinguished by humanism, the vital truth and realism.

There is one more quality essential to their art —each of the great masters of the past was a link in the chain of mankind’s spiritual progress, and each of them played a part in it, revealing new aspects of man’s spirit, finding new possibilities of its artistic expression.

Art museums preserve numerous masterpieces which testify that art painting goes back thousands years. Even now we can admire the mosaic and fresco images, icons which have survived the ravages of time. Among the best known icons is “The Trinity” by Andrey Rublov, a painter who opened a new era in world painting with his celebration of human strength and beauty. His works are imbued with spirituality and grace, and the fervour of his faith, with | the support of his luminous colours, endows his painting with immense forcefulness.

The canvases of the painters, whether Italian, German, English, Dutch, French, Ukrainian or Russian, are always marked by a profound humanism together with an acute insight into life, and are distinguished by inspired innova tory ideas and consummate artistic mastery.

‘ The canvases by Leonardo da Vinci, “The Litta Madonna” and “Benois 1 Madonna” embody the Renaissance artists’ desire to comprehend emotion | through reason, and to create in accordance with the rules of harmony an ideal of the perfect human being. The works of El Greco (“The Apostles Peter and ‘ Paul,” “Portrait of Don Rodrigo Vasquez,” etc.) amuse us with the aitist’s penetration into the depths of the human spirit and its eternal discontent. Rembrand’s works (“Danaya,” “Young Woman with Earrings,” “The Return of the Prodigal Son,” etc.) are striking for their profound insight into man’s inner world. The art of the great painter is concerned with man’s relationship to the world, to life and death, youth and age, the joy of spiritual intimacy and the despair of loneliness.

Flemish painter, Peter Paul Rubens, reveals the charmingly innocent nature of the young girl in his famous work “Portrait of Lady of the Chamber.”

The names of the greatest Impressionists C. Monet, Renoir, Degas are well-known for their individual art. Painters Cezanne and Van Gogh expressed in their works the desire to return to an integrated perception of the world.

The nineteenth century gave us such prominent Russian painters as K. Briullov, A. Ivanov, I. Repin, V. Surikov and I. Levitan. Russian art at the turn of this century saw the search for a new content and a new form, complex and acute images.

In the middle of the nineteenth century Ukrainian art found itself under the strong influence of Taras Shevchenko’s art and verse. He created attractive, emotionally saturated images and acquired his own vision of Ukrainian folk life (“Kateryna,” 1842, “A Peasant Family,” 1843, “The Scenic Ukraine,” 1842).

Bewitching Ukrainian environs inspired many Russian and Ukrainian painters to create poetic landscapes (for instance, those by V. Tropinin, A. Kuidzhi, author of the well-known “Moonlit Night over the Dnieper”). Nowadays Ukrainian art encompasses probably every conceivable trend, ranging from Neorealism to Post-modernism.

Word List:

to enable [i'neibl] — давать возможность

magnifying glass ['maegnifair) 'gla:s] —увеличительное стекло

significant [sig'mfikant] — значительный, важный

to glimpse [glimps] — (у)видеть мельком, мелькать

spiritual exaltation [.egzoil’tei/nj — духовный восторг

to acquaint smb. with smth. — знакомить (ознакомить) кого-либо с чем-либоto distinguish [dis’tiqgwijj by smth. — выделяться, отличаться чем- либо; стать известным благодаря чему-либо

link — (связующее) звено, связь

chain [tjein] — цепь

to reveal [n'vcl] — показывать, обнаруживать, открывать

to preserve [pri'za:v]сохранять, хранить ^

masterpiece [‘ma.stapi:s] — шедевр

to testify [’testifai] — свидетельствовать .

mosaic [ma'zeuk] — мозаика, мозаичный

fresco [’freskou] — фреска; фресковая живопись

icon['aikon] — икона

to survive [so'vaiv] — уцелеть; продолжать существовать; выжить ravages ['revid3is] — разрушительное действие

“The Trinity” —“Троица”, картина русского художника Андрея Рублева (1360—1430)

to imbue [im'bju:] — насыщать, пропитывать

spirituality [.spiritju’aelitiJ — духовность; одухотворенность

grace [greisj — грация, изящество, привлекательность

fervour [‘fa:vaj — пыл, жар, страсть

faith [feiG] — вера

luminous [lu:minas] colour — светлый тон

to endow [in'dau] — одарять, облекать

immense forcefulness — огромная сила

cauvas ['kaenvas] — полотно, холст

profound humanism — высокий гуманизм

acute insight into life — поэтическое восприятие жизни

inspired innovatory idea — вдохновенная новаторская мысль consummate [kan'sAmit] artistic mastery — покоряющее совершенство.} художественное мастерство

“The Ititta Madonna,” “Benois Madonna” — “Мадонна Лuттa ”, “Мадонна Бэнуа “, картины итальянского художника Леонардо да Вини (1452—1519)

to embody [im'bodi] — воплощать, олицетворять

Renaissance [ra'neisans] — эпоха Возрождения, Ренессанс

to comprehend emotion through reason — постичь чувство разумом

in accordance with the rules of harmony — no законам гармонии

an ideal of perfect human being — идеал прекрасного человека

“The Apostles Peter and Paul,” “Portrait of Don Rodrigo Vasquez” — “Апосшлы Петр и Павел ”, “Портрет дона Родриго /Заскеса “, картины испанского художника Эль 1)>ско (154J—1614)

penetration [.pem'treijn] — проникновение, проницаемость, постижение

.the depths of the human spirit — глубины человеческой души

eternal discontent — вечное неудовлетворенное томление

“Danaya,” “Young Woman with Earrings,” “The Return of the Prodigal Sou” — ‘Даная”, “Молодая женщина, примеряющая серьги”, “Возвращение блудного сына”.

1Answer the questions to the text1) What role does art play in our life?2) What do great works enable man?3 )What do great works bring into focus?4) Where do we make journey while visiting art museum?5) What is their art distinguished by?6 )What is one more essential quality to their art?7) What do art museums preserve?8) What can we admire in art museums?9) What is one among the best known icons?10)What are the works by Andrey Rublev imdued with?11 What are the canvases by Italian,German,English , Franch, Ukrainian and Russian painters marked by?12) What are the names of the greatest impressionists?13)Whose strong influence did Ukrainian art find itself under?14)What did he create?15) What does Ukrainian art encompass nowadays?

2)Continue the sentenses to their end .

1) Art plays an important role in…

2) Great works of art enable man to look at the world as if through…

3) While visiting art museums we make a journey through…4) Their art is distinguished by…5) Art museums preserve numerous…6) Even now we can admire…7) Among the best known icons is..8) The canvases of the painters, whether Italian, German, English, Dutch, French, Ukrainian or Russian, are always marked by…9) The art of the great painter is concerned with man’s relationship to…


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