Диалог по английскому языку на тему

17 Февраль 2014

Диалог по английскому языку на тему “”Telephone Phrases” – 2 (TOPICAL TELEPHONE CONVERSATIONS – APPOINTMENTS)



1. Making an Appointment

Secretary: Two-four-nine; double eight-double two.

Mr Ivanov: I would like to make ah appointment with Mr Jeffries. This is Mr Ivanov speaking.

Secretary: Oh, yes, Mr Ivanov. Good mofning. I’ll get his schedule. Are jjou there?

Mr Ivanov: Yes.

Secretary: When would you like to come, Mr Ivanov?

Mr Ivanov: Tomorrow, if possible.

Secretary: I’m afraid he’s tied up tomorrow. Is it Urgent? If it is, perhaps we could fit you in somewhere.

Mr Ivanov: No, it isn’t that urgent. Is the day after tomorrow possible?

Secretary: What time would you like to come?

Mr Ivanov: As late as possible in the afternoon.

Secretary: I’m sorry, that afternoon’s full too. How is Friday afternoon at five?

Mr Ivanov: Yes, that’s perfect, thank you. Good-bye.

2. Making an Appointment

Mr Zonov: Hello. Is this Mr Summerset? This is Mr Zonov speaking.

Mr Summerset: Hello. How are you?

Mr Zonov: Fine, thanks. Pretty busy. How are you, Mr Sum¬merset?

Mr Summerset: О. K. I can’t complain.

Mr Zonov: Glad to hear that There is something I’d like to talk to you about. Can we meet early next week?

Mr Summerset: Sure, with pleasure.

Mr Zonov: Could you come in my office, say, on Monday afternoon?

Mr Summerset: Let me consult my schedule. Yes, I guess it’ll be all right. What time do you suggest?

Mr Zonov: Suppose we make it 3.30. Will it suit you?

Mr Summerset: Yes, that’s fine.

3. Making an Appointment with a Secretary

Mr Petrovu Hello. May I speak to Mr Ward, please?

Mr Ward: Speaking, Who is it, please?

Mr Petrov: Good morning, Mr Ward. This is Petrov. Mr Gromov’s assistant. Mr Gromov had to fly to Chicago on urgent business last night. He could not see you personally and so he asked me to get in touch with you instead and settle the matter you discussed.

Mr Ward: Sure, Mr Petrov. I’ll tell you what. Could you come over to my office, say, about 4 o’clock?

Mr Petrov: Yes, that’s fine for me, Mr Ward. I’ll be there.

Mr Ward: О.K., I’ll be expecting you. And I can give you a ride afterwards.

4. Appointment with a Doctor

Mr Nikolaev: Is that Dr Morton’s office?

Secretary: Yes, sir.

Mr Nikolaev: This is Nikolaev speaking. Could I have an appointment with the doctor in the middle of next week, please?

Secretary: Just a minute, sir: I’ll check his schedule. Will Wednesday be all right?

Mr Nikolaev: Yes, it’s fine. What time, please?

Secretary: Wednesday, at б p. in.

Mr Nikolaev: Thank you. Good-bye.

Secretary: Thank you, sir. Good-bye.

5. Appointment with a Dentist

Mr Nikolaev: Good morning. Could I speak to Dr Williams’ secretary, please?

Secretary: Speaking.

Mr Nikolaev: My name is Nikolaev. I would like to have an appointment with the doctor.

Secretary: Is it something urgent, sir?

Mr Nikolaev: Yes, rather. My son needs a dentist.

Secretary: I see. How old is he?

Mr Nikolaev: He is about eight.

Secretary: Can you bring him tomorrow at eleven?

Mr Nikolaev: That’s Thursday, isn’t it?

Secretary: Yes, sir.

Mr Nikolaev: That’s fine. Thank you very much.

Secretary: Good-bye.

6. Confirming an Appointment

Secretary: Hello. May I speak to Mr Smirnov, please?

Mr Smirnov: Smirnov speaking.

Secretary: Mr Smirnov, this is Mr Abbott’s secretary. I’m calling to confirm your appointment with Mr Abbott for next’ Friday at 4 p. m.

Mr Smirnov: Thank you. I’m looking forward to seeing Mr Abbott next Friday. Will you give him my best regards, please.

Secretary: I will. Good-bye, Mr Smirnov.

Mr Smirnov: Good-bye.

7. Being Unable to Keep an Appointment

Mr Stunns: Hello. Could I speak to Mr Ivanov’s secretary, please?

Secretary: Good morning. This is Mr Ivanov’s secretary.

Mr Stunns: This is Stunns, of the Ministry of Transportation. I would like to know whether Mr Ivanov has received an invitation to our Annual Meeting?

Secretary: Yes, Mr Stunns, we have received your invitation, thank you.

Mr Stunns: Is Mr Ivanov coming?

Secretary: No, Mr Stunns, he is not. I am sorry but Mr Ivanov left town and he won’t be back Until next week. Haven’t you received our letter informing you that he is not attending the Meeting?

Mr Stunns: No, not yet.

Secretary: We sent it to the Department yesterday afternoon.

Mr Stunns: It’s a pity that Mr Ivanov is not able to be present at our Annual Meeting. Give him my best regards when he returns, please.

Secretary: Thank you, I will. Good-bye.

Mr Stunns: Good-bye.

8. Calling the Maintenance Department

M. D.: Maintenance Department.

Customer: I would like to report the fault of my phone to the operator.

M. D.: What’s wrong with it? Is it quite dead?

Customer: No, not quite. I can’t get a call through. I hear the voice on the other end of the line, but they seem not to hear me. And there is no proper buzz.

M. D.: From where are you talking now?

Customer: From my neighbour’s phone.

M. D.: Give me your neighbour’s telephone number and your own phone number, please. (Customer tells the maintenance clerk his neighbour’s and his own telephone numbers.) Thank you. I’ll get in touch with the switchboard, and call you back. (The telephone rings up in five minutes.) This is the Maintenance Department. Eight-four-two; double three-double two is out of order. We are sending a repairman tomorrow morning. Sorry, we cannot do anything now. Good-bye.


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