17 Февраль 2014

Computers and robots

These days many people are able to buy computers.

They can do lots of things.

We can use them for work and play.

There are computers in almost every school and office.

We can use them to talk to people all over the world and we can play great games on them, too.

In the past nobody could believe stories about robots and space travel but now it is reality.

Now robots are able to walk and talk and fly to the moon.

They are machines with computers for brains.

They can send messages, write music and speak different languages.

I think in the future they will be able to do much more things.

Scientists will be able to make robots like people but they will never be able to feel emotions.

I have just read an interesting article of a very talented journalist from Japan.

It is about 2 robots- Manny and AIBO.

Manny (the man) is able to move his arms and legs.

He can also sweat and breathe but he can’t talk.

AIBO looks like a dog.

He can walk, wag its tail and beg but it can’t bark.

I would like a robot.

I want to use him to do all my jobs.

My robot will make my bed, do my homework and do the shopping.

He will do the housework and do the washing up for my Mum.

Then we will be able to relax and do nothing.


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