Темы по английскому на экзамен

17 Февраль 2014


The Republic of Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe. Agriculture specializes in milk and meat production. Belarus is a republic of well developed science and culture. Minsk is the capital of Belarus. Now Belarus is an independent state. The climate of Belarus is “moderate”. Belarusians are trustful and optimistic, patient and hardworking. His more oriented at internal work. He is not a fatalists and ready to defend himself.

The UK

The UK consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The capital of the country is London. Great Britain is industrial country. The chief industry is shipbuilding. Main educational centres are Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The UK is a monarchy and the Queen is the head of the state. The British Parliament consists of two chambers. There are three main political parties in Great Britain. London is situated on the river Thames. It is divided into several parts. The city is financial and business centre. Westminster is the aristocratic part. The West End is the richest and most beautiful. The East End is an industrial district.

Our University

Brest State University was founded in 1945. There are 10 faculties at the University. It has day and correspondence departments. The University course lasts four years. An academic year is divided into two terms. Each term and’s an examination session. Those who pass the exams successfully get a scholarship. A lot of students carry out research work.

I am a first-year student

Last year I made up my mind to be an elementary school teacher. I had to take 3 centralized tests. Now I am a student of Psychological-Pedagogical faculty, correspondence department. I study in the old academic building. It was difficult to get used to my new life and often I had no free time. I like my studies but it takes much time to get ready for classes. I also have classes in mathematics, English, history. Usually I have four classes a day. I attend lectures and practical hours.

The problems of teen life

Most teenagers have a great number of problems. The real problem is having no close friend. Some young people are just sure that their parents don’t want to understand them. In most cases young people don’t understand their moms and dads, and become irritated and nervous. When this happens, it’s time to say to yourself “Stop”.


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